Walking Old Lands, Drawing New Lines: A Conversation with Annalee Davis

Walking Old Lands, Drawing New Lines: A Conversation with Annalee Davis,” takes place on Friday, April 16 from 2:00 to 3:00pm AST (and 7:00 to 8:00pm BST).

Join Dr. Pat Noxolo and artist Annalee Davis as they discuss post-plantation economies, healing, and Davis’s CARICUK commissioned film Walking Old Lands, Drawing New Lines. After the conversation there will be an opportunity for the audience to ask Dr. Pat Noxolo and Annalee Davis questions. This is a free online streamed event. Further details will be released to those registered on the day of the event. Register here.

More about this event:

CARICUK: Creative Approaches to Race and In/Security in the Caribbean and the UK is a year-long collaboration between artists and educators, which aims to transform discussions about race and anti-racism in UK higher education. It aims to highlight everyday negotiations between security and insecurity (in/security) in the Caribbean, and also to set up negotiations around anti-racism between the UK higher education sector and Britain’s black communities. It will include three artistic provocations, three short films and a publication experimen. Each of these is designed to provoke discussion about Caribbean and racialised in/securities, which will each be followed by public discussion events. Additionally, an online learning pack for schools will lead into a large-scale arts participation and exhibition.

Dr. Pat Noxolo is a senior lecturer in the Geography department at University of Birmingham, UK. Her research is on cultural and postcolonial geographies, particularly thinking about creative practices in the Caribbean and its diaspora. Recently, she has led a Leverhulme-funded network on Caribbean In/securities and Creativity, and this has led into her AHRC-funded fellowship CARICUK (Creative Approaches to Race and In/security in the Caribbean and the UK). Dr. Noxolo is the Principal Investigator on the CARICUK project. She has brought together a range of Caribbean artists to produce and showcase work that provokes thought and participation around race and in/security. Her vision is to draw in students at several levels (secondary school, university and trainee teachers) to take this vision into the future, and to participate in an exhibition and a range of public discussion events.

Annalee Davis is a visual artist, cultural instigator, educator and writer. She works at the intersection of biography and history, focusing on post-plantation economies by engaging with a particular landscape in Barbados. Her work reflects on how history shaped the topography of this, Britain’s first sugar isle, into perfectly manicured plantations–a model that ricocheted across the Caribbean archipelago.

See more about her work at https://annaleedavis.com/

Register https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/walking-old-lands-drawing-new-lines-a-conversation-with-annalee-davis-tickets-149153996619?

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