Caribbean Fiesta del Fuego Festival: expression of cultural resistance

A report from Cadena Agramonte.

The fortieth edition of the Caribbean International Festival, which will begin here at the end of this month, will be an expression of cultural resistance, learned from the bearer groups, said today Orlando Vergés, director of the Casa del Caribe.

Speaking to Prensa Latina, the intellectual emphasized the intention of advancing the event for the first time in favor of having enough time in the midst of the epidemiological emergency due to COVID-19, for the extended participation of artists and groups.

With that anticipation, the leaders of these traditional groups will be able to organize their presence as protagonists of the Fire Festival even in the midst of the pandemic and taking the necessary precautions that this health circumstance demands, he said.

The previous version, which took place mainly virtually, had important face-to-face moments and the Burning of the Devil as a closing religious magic ritual in Barrancas, an emblematic town of Haitian culture, was a good precedent for this event, Vergés pointed out.

From now on, academics and other scholars of the traditional popular culture of the Caribbean peoples are summoned to send their research summaries for the theoretical spaces, which will once again update views on that reality, said the researcher.

He highlighted the desire to gather limited numbers of people interested in these issues in sessions convened for this purpose, at the same time that other presentations are promoted in the radio, television and written press along with those of the virtual platforms.

He alluded to the fact that the dedication to the culture of Belize remains, whose representatives visited the headquarters to verify the progress of the preparations and expressed their satisfaction and interest in this gesture of approach to that heritage in their country.

Vergés lamented the physical loss of the master of choreography and folk dance Ernesto Armiñán and the president of the Yoruba Cultural Society, José Manuel Pérez, two personalities closely linked to the work of the Casa del Caribe in defense of the roots of Cuban spirituality and Caribbean. 

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