New Book: Louis Zou’s “Les contes du Chemin-Roche”

C’SMART reviews Louis Zou’s new book, Les contes du Chemin-Roche (Ed. Jets d’Encre, 2020):

Louis Zou, author from Guadeloupe, transports us to a poor childhood that does not know the name of poverty, but that knows the name of life told in the present, along with quite evocative Creole expressions, magnificent characters, and even a few grumpy and recalcitrant donkeys.

Here we are, immersed in the life of yesteryear, in the colorful and ungrateful countryside, but with the necessary complicity between one another to fight this ingratitude.

The narrator is an uncle who tells his nephew about a punishing lightning, the Capuchin’s hole, a memorable carnival parade—about his childhood along the paths of Chemin-Roche.

He also tells about the majestic rages of his father, the tales of traditions spread by his mother…, and these famous donkeys: Surprise and Flore! Imagine that one day, Flore quietly bit through the basket of coffee beans laboriously picked by his father. And let’s not speak about the master’s fury. [. . .]

The publisher immediately understood the value of these stories saying: “Louis Zou has entrusted us with his third work. A book that in fact traces the author’s childhood. Each of these fifteen stories is titled and follows a chronological order. The author has managed, with sensitivity and elegance, to stage strong and endearing characters and to construct a strikingly realistic and captivating plot. We also knew that setting the scene in his native Guadeloupe would appeal to readers. The fluid and pleasant pen transcribes a colorful, realistic story that speaks to a large audience. There is a real desire to pass it on to the younger generations [. . .].”

Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. For full article, see

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