22 of the best Caribbean foods to soothe your taste buds

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Mumpi Ghose (FlavorVerse) describes twenty-two examples of Caribbean dishes: conch fritters, Jamaican jerk, picadillo (yuuuummm!), arroz con huevo, Jamaican patty, ropa vieja, fish tea, pica pollo, Trinidad macaroni pie, Guyanese Pepperpot, callaloo, locrio, goat water, Jamaican Festival, wrap roti, doubles, coucou, fried bake, rice and peas, goat curry, ackee and salt fish, and la bandera. Ghose says,

“Caribbean cuisine is versatile and diverse, being influenced by Latin American, Middle Eastern, European and African dishes. Besides several meat varieties like pork, chicken, and beef, these platters also include various veggies like cassava, bell pepper, tomato, sweet potato, and plantain. The addition of several herbs and spices elevates the taste of the foods to a different level.”

For full article with descriptions of these 22 dishes, see https://flavorverse.com/best-caribbean-foods

[Shown above: goat curry.]

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