Saba close to achieving herd immunity against COVID-19

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.] Loop News reports that Saba is very close to achieving herd immunity against COVID-19.

Officials on Saba have completed their second stage of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations. In total, 1,300 adults were vaccinated for the second time, while 42 adults received their first shot.

The Public Entity said 33 people missed their appointments for a second jab of the Moderna vaccine. “We expect many of them to come for their second vaccination at the catch-up round at the end of April,” said Head of the Public Health Department Dr Koen Hulshof, in a statement. These vaccinations mean more than 85 per cent of the island’s adult population is fully vaccinated.

“I am very content with the high turn-out,” said Hulshof, who noted more people experienced the regular side-effects of taking the vaccine and it lasted one to two days.

The Public Entity said the high coverage means that plans for a partial reopening of Saba on May 1 can proceed.

When the island reopens, vaccinated persons no longer have to quarantine upon entering the island, while non-vaccinated incoming persons will have to quarantine for a shorter period.

“The high vaccination coverage on Saba combined with growing evidence that vaccinated persons are much less infectious gives us more confidence in reopening Saba in a safe manner,” said Hulshof.  

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