“When the walls fall”: transatlantic reflection on the creolization of the world

[Many thanks to Sophie Maríñez for bringing this item to our attention.] The French Consulate of New York (Consulat Général de France à New-York)  is hosting a new virtual conference—”Quand les murs tombent”, réflexion transatlantique sur la créolisation du monde—on April 8, 2021, from 2:00 to 3:30pm (in New York) [and 8:00 to 9:30pm in France] in a tribute to Édouard Glissant on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his death, centering on discussions between Patrick Chamoiseau and Souleymane Bachir Diagne. The main speakers will be Martinican author Patrick Chamoiseau and Senegalese philosopher Souleymane Bachir Diagne (Columbia University). [See sign-in link below.]

Description: On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the death of Edouard Glissant, the Editions de la Découverte and the editions of the Institut du Tout-Monde publish Manifestes, a collection of texts co-written with Patrick Chamoiseau on métissage, the creolization of world, and liberation of community actions in response to individualism and neoliberal societies. These texts, written in part after the victory of Barack Obama in 2008, resonate with the current context of division of identities and criticism of multiculturalism.

Patrick Chamoiseau: Born in 1953, in Fort-de-France in Martinique. He is the author of a considerable body of work (Texaco, Solibo magnifique, Eloge de la Créolité, Ecrire en pays dominé, Antan d’enfance, Biblique des derniers gestes, Les neuf consciences du Malfini…) consisting of novels, tales, essays, and hybrid texts, translated into several languages, and which have earned him numerous distinctions, including the Prix Carbet de la Caraïbe [Carbet Prize of the Caribbean] and the Prix Goncourt [Goncourt Prize]. His latest works published by Éditions du Seuil are: Matière de l’absence (2017), unanimously acclaimed by the critics, and a brilliant humanist and poetic appeal entitled Frères migrants. Just published: Manifestes, co-written with E. Glissant (Éd. de la Découverte), and Le conteur, la nuit et le panier (2011, Éd. du Seuil). He is one of the most influential voices in the Caribbean today and one of the major writers of the contemporary world.

Souleymane Bachir Diagne is a professor in the Departments of Francophone Studies and Philosophy at Columbia University, New York, where he also directs the Institute of African Studies. His research and teaching center on the history of philosophy and algebraic logic, Islamic philosophy, African philosophy, and Francophone literature. His most recent works in French are En quête d’Afrique(s). Universalisme et pensée décoloniale (with Jean-Loup Amselle), Paris, Albin Michel, 2018 ; La controverse. Dialogue sur l’islam (with Remi Brague), Paris, Stock, 2019 ; Le fagot de ma mémoire, Paris, Philippe Rey, 2021.

You may sign in here: https://zoom.us/j/98973942663?pwd=SjdPQUdZUDdhOGFUUHFXa25qT2pIQT09

ID webinar: 989 739 42663

Passcode: 599929

For more information (in French), see https://newyork.consulfrance.org/conference-934-quand-les-murs-tombent-reflexion-transatlantique-sur-la

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