MoMA The Museum of Modern Art International Program 2021

We congratulate all the artists chosen to participate in the MoMA The Museum of Modern Art International Program in its 2021 iteration of the Center for Curatorial Leadership (CCL)—International Curatorial Institute. Our warm congratulations to two curators based in the Caribbean: Holly Bynoe (Barbados-based artist, writer and independent curator from St. Vincent and the Grenadines; Sage Garden Barbados, Tilting Axis, Caribbean Linked, etc.) and O’Neil Lawrence (Jamaica; Chief Curator of the National Gallery of Jamaica). [As soon as we can access a full list of participants for 2021, we will edit this post to add anyone we may have missed. Please, feel free to add a comment if you know of someone we have not included here.]

The two-week intensive program comprises a cohort of 14 senior curators from the MoMA and other curators dispersed worldwide, focusing on areas that are oftentimes blind spots to the Western hegemonic gaze, including influential and creative minds from the Global South. The program offers specialized training including courses led by faculty from Columbia’s Business School.

Holly Bynoe writes, “The entire experience is offering me, a non-institutional curator, new ways of looking at how colonisation, political will and leadership continue to shape how we see ourselves, and in turn, build institutions.”

For more information, see

[Photo above by Holly Bynoe, from her page; for more on O’Neil Lawrence, see]

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