Transborder Temporalities and Imaginaries of the Future (Symposium)

The Department of Central American and Transborder Studies at California State University, Northridge (California) presents the 2021 Symposium, Transborder Temporalities and Imaginaries of the Future to be held April 5-7, 2021. The symposium includes panels, book presentations, film screenings

On Monday, April 5, 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST, Claire Colebrook will deliver the Inaugural address: “The Transitivity of Trans*” [After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information to join the meeting.]

Claire Colebrook is an Australian cultural theorist, currently appointed Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of English at Pennsylvania State University. She has published numerous works on Gilles Deleuze, visual art, poetry, queer theory, film studies, contemporary literature, theory, cultural studies, and visual culture.

About this lecture: In Females Andrea Long Cho makes a pointed objection to the ways in which ’trans*’ has been hijacked by various metaphysical schemas, so that trans* comes to signal a general transitivity. In a different vein, Tuck and Yang argue that decolonization is not a metaphor. In a different being again, Frank Wilderson has insisted that nothing is analogous to anti-blackness. These significant theoretical interventions seek to stabilize and give ethical rigor to political forces. How then can one deal with the singularity of suffering while also speculating on the imaginative potential of actual life?  How do we negotiate the genuine ethical demand that no symbolic order can be faithful to the shock of the real, while also recognizing that without some form of lexical, virtual and actual migration there can be no future? [. . .]

A panel on April 7, 2021, 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST will deal more directly with the Caribbean experience:

Movimiento y pensamiento en la experiencia migrante afrocaribeña [After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information to join the meeting.]
Moderator: Valeria Grinberg Pla, Bowling Green State University

Francio Guadeloupe (University of Amsterdam) and Charissa Granger (University of the West Indies)
“Trans-Caribbean theorizing via Trance-Caribbean dance”

Amanda Alfaro Córdoba (Universidad de Costa Rica)
“La modernidad negativa y los antojos de Carl Rigby.”

David Rocha (Universidad Centroamericana “José Simeón Cañas”, El Salvador)
“De Granada a Managua: afrodescendientes, imaginarios urbanos y memorias familiares”

Lourdes Dávila (New York University)
“Entre Puerto Rico y Richmond. Women in Resistance” de Alicia Díaz

For full program, go to

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