Five Women Honored in French Overseas Territories

Angélique Le Bouter (La1ere.francetvinfo) reported that yesterday (March 8, 2021), on International Women’s Rights Day, the Ministry for Equality between Women and Men, Diversity and Equal Opportunities honored five women and associations that stand out because of their commitment to the defense of women’s rights: Daniely Francisque (Martinique), Cécile Kouyouri (Guyana), Aminat Hariti (Mayotte), Annick Solvar (Guadeloupe), and Carole Ledoyen (Reunion). Here are excerpts with an abbreviated list of women and the associations that they represent:

The struggle against violence, professional equality, financial emancipation… This Monday, March 8, on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, Minister Élisabeth Moreno rewards 18 women and 18 associations as part of the “1000 Possibles” project, launched to promote equality between men and women. Five of these women and five of these associations work daily in the overseas departments.

The Prime Minister is presiding over the ceremony for the Equality Medal and the “1000 Possibles” this Monday at 10:00am. This ceremony is an opportunity to recognize 18 women in total who carry out remarkable actions in the territories and who will receive an equality medal, as well as 18 local association projects in favor of equality between women and men, also based in 18 territories of mainland France and Overseas territories and departments, and who will receive a prize of 1000 possible.

Principal of Lycée Carnot, Annick Solvar is responsible for Structure de Retour à l’École (SRE) [Return to School Structure] of the Providence Abymes Microlycée, whose objective is to allow out-of-school young people between 16 and 25 years old to regain their appetite for school and to prepare for the baccalaureate. [. . .] Invested in and committed to the transmission of knowledge to women entrepreneurs, Annick Solvar is also president of the incubator “Les premières de Guadeloupe” [The Firsts of Guadeloupe].

Daniely Francisque is a French actress who, since the beginning of her career, has taken part in about fifty productions, showing her qualities as a dancer, actress, and singer on stage and on screen. [. . .] Today, she stars in the play “Moi, fardeau inhérent” [I, Inherent Burden] produced by Compagnie Track. The theatrical work—also directed by Daniely Francisque—denounces sexual violence against women.

Cécile Kouyouri [. . .] became Guyana’s first customary chief in 1997, making her a true role model and paving the way for other Guyanese women.

Carole Ledoyen [. . .] establishes a partnership with the Regional Directorate for Women’s Rights and Equality of Reunion Island in 2020, to set up the first reception point for women victims of violence on the island. [. . .]

Aminat Hariti [is the] first woman leader of a political party in Mayotte. She produced the television show “Un jour dans la peau d’une pro” [A Day in the Skin of a Pro] which depicts a young person’s immersion in the company of her choice for a day to discover a profession. This Mahoran woman also created the website “” for the integration of young people in Mayotte. [. . .]

Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero ; for full article (in French) see

[Photo above: top, Daniely Francisque (left), Cécile Kouyouri (right); bottom, from left to right: Aminat Hariti, Annick Solvar, and Carole Ledoyen. Photo by ©Ministère chargé de l’Egalité entre les femmes et les hommes.]

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