Repeating Islands is 12 Years Old!

Today, Repeating Islands is celebrating its 12th birthday! Sending out our warmest appreciation for your support through the years,

Ivette and Lisa

14 thoughts on “Repeating Islands is 12 Years Old!

  1. Congratulations and thank you!! What a valuable service you provide for everyone connected with the Caribbean community. Much appreciation:)

  2. Congratulations 🎈🍾🎊🎉 Such a wonderful achievement. I honor the service you and Liz have put into this. Thank you for always being encouraging ans uplifting.

    Best wishes, Holly

    Holly Bynoe Independent Curator + Writer + Researcher + Island Experiments Herbalist in Training + Student of Dagara, Orisha and Ifa + Yoga Instructor Co- Founder and Co-Director of Tilting Axis Co- Founder and Co-Director of Caribbean Linked Co-Founder and Seed Keeper for Sage Garden Barbados Executive Director of ARC Magazine Co-Founder of Rise Up Bequia M 1-246-234-7973 skype: hbynoe


    1. Thank you very, very much, Holly. We thank people like you who have been collaborators in so many ways. All the best, Ivette

  3. Mabrouk! Repeating Islands is an incredible resource of announcements, presentations and critical engagement – a dynamic celebration of excellence in literature, visual production, dance, theatre and so much more – here’s to dozens of years ahead!

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