REPÚBLICA FÉMINA presents “Librería de Mujeres ‘Amelia Francasci’”

Ylonka Nacidit-Perdomo has just announced the creation of a new space dedicated to women’s literature in the Dominican Republic, Librería de Mujeres «Amelia Francasci» [The Amelia Francasci Women’s Bookstore]. It is a space where visitors will be able to conduct research, to peruse materials, or to purchase books written by women. This project is sponsored by REPÚBLICA FÉMINA (a digital platform led by Nacidit-Perdomo and professor Elvira Lora).

Nacidit-Perdomo announced that in May 2021—celebrating the 79th anniversary of the exercise of citizenship of women in the Dominican Republic—they are hoping to inaugurate the small and exclusive «Amelia Francasci» Women’s Bookstore with an in-person opening, in the old enclave of «El Algodonal» where Francasci spent time when vacationing away from the city center.

The press release reads:

A photograph from 1926, previously unknown, of Dominican writer Amelia Francasci (1850-1941), a descendant of [a] “Hispano-Dutch [family], from Curaçao and heirs of Sephardic traditions” reading in the living room of her house next door del Arquillo de la Catedral, announces the creation, in the Dominican Republic, of the first Women’s Bookstore. This replicates the inaugural project of the Milan Women’s Bookstore in 1975, co-founded by Italian theorist Lia Cigarini (1937), of difference feminism—the practice of difference, the practice of thought, and the politics of sexual difference that REPÚBLICA FÉMINA embraces.

Ylonka Nacidit-Perdomo shares this news, and points out that by assuming her role at REPÚBLICA FÉMINA (the digital platform administered jointly by the university professor and communicator Elvira Lora), [stating the importance of] three nodal aspects of difference feminism—constituting the “symbolic order”—that is, naming the feminine, inventing the feminine, and being as woman in the world, which, in turn, supposes [. . .] giving voice to feminine subjectivity, as an ethical act in the life of the polis. It will now be completed by [the addition] of the Women’s Bookstore [Librería de Mujeres] where texts by scholars, theorists, philosophers, thinkers, and historians will be available for consultation, reading, and sale, as well as creators who do not “replicate traditional patriarchal authority, but rather recognize female authority,” as Nacidit-Perdomo states.

Why the name Amelia Francasci? Nacidit-Perdomo points out that Francasci is the author of the first novel written by a woman in the Dominican Republic, Madre culpable. Original novel (1892), and of Francisca Martinoff. Intimate Drama (1901) whose 120th edition is being celebrated in 2021. [. . .]

[Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. A link to the original press release (in Spanish) will be made available as soon as possible.]

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