Building in, Around and in Association with Water (18 February 2021)

On February 18, 2021 at 19:30 CET, architect Sean Leonard, the recipient of the first Tilting Axis/Het Nieuwe Instituut Research Fellowship, will present his research project on the relations between architecture and water in “Building in, Around and in Association with Water.” [Register for the event.] Since the start of the fellowship, Leonard has kept a public journal exploring the culture of making and building in, around and in association with water, which he describes as This practice, which Leonard explores through conversations and sonic, written, and pictorial landscapes, is at the core of the Ndyuka Maroons’ relationship with the Tapanahoni River in Suriname.

For this event, joining Leonard in the conversation will be Andrea Andersson, founding director and chief curator of Rivers Institute for Contemporary Art & Thought, and Dirk Sijmons, co-founder of H+N+S Landscape architects. The evening will be moderated by Erik Wong, designer, editor, and co-curator of Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Travelling Academy.

Tilting Axis/Het Nieuwe Instituut Research Fellowship Het Nieuwe Instituut and Tilting Axis have joined forces to set up a fellowship programme for applicants based in the Caribbean. This programme aims to develop, stimulate and visualise curatorial, design and artistic realities coming from the Caribbean region and enhance knowledge exchange and collaboration with a cross-section of Dutch cultural institutions.The Fellowship is supported by Het Nieuwe Instituut as lead partner and host, and will include collaborations with Kunstinstituut Melly, De Appel, Amsterdam Museum and The Black Archives. A new iteration of the fellowship will be launched in spring 2021. Tilting Axis is a sustained arts platform for, from, across, and through the Caribbean. It is a call to action to rethink the position and conditions of contemporary art practices in the region. Its perspective, informed by artist-led initiatives within the archipelago, recognises this space as central rather than peripheral and is fed by multi-generational voices. Tilting Axis wants to build infrastructure which supports and sustains contemporary art practitioners in the region and serves as a catalyst for creative projects and collaborations. Tilting Axis was co-founded in 2014 by Annalee Davis and Holly Bynoe.  

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