Lecture/Exhibition—“Image & Imagination: The Photographs of Albert Chong”

“Image & Imagination: The Photographs of Albert Chong” are on view in a solo exhibition at the Main Gallery, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island, until March 25, 2021. On Tuesday, February 23, 2:00-4:00pm (Eastern), Chong will deliver an Artist Talk about the exhibition via Zoom (see following link: https://forms.gle/bsYQjZCDxUJYxmx89).

Albert Chong was born in Kingston, Jamaica, W. I. in 1958. He is the last of eight children of merchant Chinese and Afro Jamaica parents. He teaches at the University of Colorado Boulder. About his work, he explains:

My work in photography sometimes utilizes found, appropriated and familial photographs as well as many types of objects primarily of an organic nature that serve as shamanic talismans and symbolic and referential signifiers. These works aspire to visually embed the narratives of race and ethnicity with the aesthetic whimsy required to sublimate and catalyze meaning and references. These works use analog and digital layering to create the sometimes dense but usually simple arrangements that infer, relate, connect and signify the complex nature of the struggles of the displaced peoples of the Asian and African diaspora. 

Description of Artist Talk (URI): Please join us for a virtual talk with Artist/Professor Albert Chong, University of Colorado Boulder. URI gallery coordinator Associate Professor Ben Anderson and URI photo faculty Professor Annu Matthew will moderate the talk. Albert Chong is an internationally known artist. His early works in photography (many of which are represented in URI’s Main Gallery) earned him critical recognition for their contribution to the multi-culturist movement of the 1990’s and remain relevant today. The works focus specifically on visual narratives related to race, identity, family, nationalism, mysticism and spirituality, as expressed in art. [See https://forms.gle/bsYQjZCDxUJYxmx89.]

For more information, see https://www.albertchong.com/news, https://www.colorado.edu/artandarthistory/albert-chong and https://www.albertchong.com/bio

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