Film: “Bazodee” (Todd Kessler)

As part of ttff (Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival) Carnival film series, Bazodee, directed by Todd Kessler, is available now. [Note: Films are now available to viewers around the world for 24 hours each (midnight to midnight).]

Description:  Anita is the daughter of Ram, a secretly deep-in-debt businessman. About to marry a wealthy suitor, Anita meets a rugged soca singer, Lee, hired at the last minute to perform at her engagement party. Sparks fly, and soon the two have fallen for each other. Nikhil, Anita’s malevolent, future brother-in-law, notices. Once he discovers the truth about Ram’s finances, he threatens to expose everything, forcing Anita to fight for the wealth that truly matters — love.

ttff is delighted to present the carnival edition of our popular online streaming series, #WatchAMovieOnUs! From 07 feb – 14 feb 2021, ttff will stream ten trinidad+tobago film festival favourites for FREE, via our website.

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