Kassandra Toimil: “Communicating Pressure”

Edge Zones is pleased to present “Communicating Pressure,” an exhibition by Miami musician/artist Kassandra Toimil, in Gallery III curated by artist, Luna Palazzolo. There will be a live opening reception on February 20, 2021 from 6:30-9:00pm (EST) where the artist will be available for questions. The show will continue through March 6, by appointment only (free admission) at Edge Zones Gallery (3317 NW 7th Avenue Cir. Miami, Florida.)

In “Communicating Pressure” Kassandra Toimil’s installation functions as an insight to the voice of class structures and how their different social pressures influence communication and serve as historic memorials. The works are imbued with narratives on multiple layers, from direct references through placement of sculptures and the objects around them, through to providing a prophetic view of the future.

About the artist: Born in Miami in 1987 from Cuban parents, Kassandra Toimil (she/they), has been creating art and music since grade school. Having recorded seven albums by their mid-twenties, exposing them to different recording methods and audio gear. This influence brought them to begin experimenting with DIY electronics which has been a part of their installation work since 2014. They have been able to show their installation work at Edge Zone Gallery / “Resting Behaviour” / Mia, FL 2020; Space Mountain Miami, first solo show / “A Murder” / Mia, FL 2019; Mana 777 / Drone Fest / 2018, Space Mountain Miami / “Wires in Transition” / 2017; Superfun Gallery / “Sweltering Misery / Gainesville, FL. Engaging the architecture of class systems, Kassandra Toimil’s work deals heavily with social class and how technology is shaping society and leaving those with limited access behind. 

For more information, contact edgezones@me.com or by telephone at 305 303-8852.

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