Ziggy Marley hopes for unity on new track

Paul (Buzz Caribbean) highlights Ziggy Marley’s trilingual song—”America Vibra”—a trilingual song featuring Marley, Brazilian reggae band Natiruts, and Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio.

The inauguration of Joe Biden isn’t just a moment in history for Americans, it’s symbolic to people across the world who recognise the impact and influence of that nation’s politics.

It’s with that in mind that America Vibra, a trilingual song featuring Jamaican reggae artiste Ziggy Marley, was released yesterday.

The song – which features Marley, Brazilian reggae band Natiruts and Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio – is a celebration of a new day on the continent and was released to coincide with Biden’s swearing on Wednesday.

America Vibra was also released with a music video, directed by Rick Brombal, and which includes images of the Brazilian Senate, the White House and other iconic locations.

Regarding the release, Ziggy, son of reggae legend Bob Marley, said “My lyrics is talking about realising what’s going on with the environment and wanting to see some justice in the world,” he said. “We have to take care of the planet, take care of each other and just build a better world together.”

For original article, see https://buzz-caribbean.com/hot/ziggy-marley-hopes-for-unity-in-americas-on-new-track/

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