Lionfish Tournament— Antigua Open 2021

With the goal to help Antigua and Barbuda protect their coral reef ecosystems by controlling the lionfish population, the Antigua Lionfish Tournament will take place June 4-6, 2021. The event includes workshops on techniques and safety of lionfish hunting, educational lectures, a chefs’ cook-off, and an award ceremony and fete at Nelson’s Dockyard (at English Harbour, Antigua).

Protect Our Coral Reef Ecosystems: The purpose of the event is to help Antigua and Barbuda protect their coral reef ecosystems and create economic opportunities by developing a comprehensive community-based plan to minimize the effects of invasive lionfish. The approach would target removal of shallow water lionfish (to recreational diving depths), as well as commercialization, which will incentivize public participation. First step is to produce a lionfish derby and festival on Antigua and Barbuda to remove invasive lionfish and increase awareness about the problem and about what a healthy and good food source they are and teach Antiguans & Barbudans how to perpetuate these events.

Lasting Effect: This event is about MUCH MORE THAN 2 days of Lionfish hunting. This is about the bigger picture of the need for marine conservation and education to be taught to all in Antigua and Barbuda (young and old) people need to understand the fragile ecosystem add to the weekend making this the most exciting Lionfish Derby in the Caribbean.

For more information and to sign up, go to

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