Illuminate Coral Gables (Exhibition)

The inaugural edition of “Illuminate Coral Gables” (ICG) brings interactive art, projections, and light sculptures to the streets of downtown Coral Gables, Florida, from February 12 until March 14, 2021, every evening from 6:00 to 10:00pm. Curated by Lance Fung, Catherine Cathers, Jennifer Easton, and Rosie Gordon Wallace (Jamaica), the exhibition features eight projects incorporating video projections, sculpture and art installations by a stellar group of local, national, and international artists.

Among these artists are Carlos Estévez (Cuban born, Miami based), David Gumbs (from Saint Martin, based in Martinique), Sandra Ramos (Cuban born, Miami based), and Antonia Wright (Cuban-American, born and based in Miami). 

Description: The Illuminate Coral Gables exhibition will turn the streets, historic buildings, and public spaces of Coral Gables into a brilliant outdoor museum. With downtown Coral Gables, Florida as a three-dimensional canvas, this first-of-its-kind exhibition will fill our beautiful city with newly commissioned and existing works by world-renowned local, national & international artists and emerging virtuosos.

For more information, see and

[Shown above: “Urban Universe” by Carlos Estévez.]

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