Forthcoming Film: “Seacole”

Still waiting for Seacole. My guess is that the film—directed by Charlie Stratton, and starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw—will be released in mid-May, to coincide with the anniversary of her death, or late November, to honor this valiant nurse and traveler on her birthday. Please, feel free to correct me! [See previous post Gugu Mbatha-Raw to star in Seacole.] Last May, the Mary Seacole Trust wrote:

May 12th was International Nurses day and May 14th marks the anniversary of the death of Mary Seacole, the famous Jamaican Scottish nurse who died in Paddington in 1881. Before lockdown, UK based production company, Racing Green Pictures was finalising filming and editing the movie, ‘Seacole’ due for release early next year.

‘Seacole’ is an historical drama about the legendary Mary Seacole played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who defied discrimination to nurse British soldiers during the Crimean War and found herself at odds with Florence Nightingale, (Sylvia Hoeks). Directed by Charlie Stratton, the film focuses her on the period of her life following the death of her husband in Jamaica, a merchant named Edwin Seacole (played by Sam Worthington) and when she made the decision to dedicate her life to care for the sick and wounded. In 1854, a year after the war began, Seacole travelled to London, England where she applied to be a nurse to the Crimean Fund, the British Army and Florence Nightingale’s nursing team but she was rejected and rebuffed by all so using her own funds decided to undertake her mission directly to the battlefield in Crimea.  At that time her Caribbean wayward friend Thomas Day arrived in London and they formed a partnership preparing for the journey and finally setting off in by ship in 1885 to the Crimea. When they arrived, they set about building The British Hotel situated along the main supply road to the British camp in Balaclava. Mary became a central heroine caring and nursing for wounded and dying soldiers on the front of the Crimean War; she was a symbol of hope to wounded British soldiers who gave her the name, Mother Seacole.

Gugu Mbatha Raw, the brilliant UK actress who recently starred as Jennifer Hosten, Winner of Miss World 1970 in ‘Misbehaviour’, is poised for major stardom with this epic role. Gugu could not be a better ambassador for the story as she is currently involved with the UN and refugee work around the globe; born in Oxford she is the daughter of a South African doctor, and an English nurse. [. . .]

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