“Envisaging José Martí in 2021: History, Culture and Education”

Here is an announcement for the 1st Biannual Conference of the José Martí Studies Affiliate at the University of Tampa (Tampa, Florida)—“Envisaging José Martí in 2021: History, Culture and Education”—which will take place from January 28 through 30, 2021, via Zoom.

Description: With the desire to remain true to the Center for José Martí Studies Affiliate’s mission during these pandemic times, the Center is organizing a virtual conference, “Envisaging José Martí in 2021: History, Culture and Education,” to gather teacher-scholars from multiple disciplines who are currently engaged in new scholarly, creative or educational work. This conference is an outgrowth of the 2019 Summer Institute, and we look forward to seeing how the many projects and initiatives started there have evolved and prospered. 

Conference Objective: The overall objective is to share established and ongoing scholarship, as well as creative and pedagogical projects related to the Center’s focus, and provide a platform and stimulate discussion regarding potential future projects and directions. The Center’s interests include, but are not limited to, the humanities, social sciences creative arts, education, and digital approaches to these and other related disciplines.

Through the conference’s presentations, breakout sessions, roundtable workshops and many, interspersed networking opportunities, we hope that together we will create synergy and innovative ideas about potential projects and/or collaborative work.

Presentation Modes: The conference will take place via ZOOM. The link will be provided upon completion of conference registration.

Technological Requirements for Presenters and Participants: fast computer processing, high-resolution webcam, sufficient network bandwidth, video display screen and microphone.

REGISTER HEREhttps://www.ut.edu/academics/college-of-arts-and-letters/center-for-jos%C3%A9-mart%C3%AD-studies-affiliate/1st-biannual-conference-registration

Questions: Please email any questions to the Center for Martí Studies Affiliate at The University of Tampa at cjmsa@ut.edu.

Members of the Conference Organizing Committee:

Kenya Dworkin (Carnegie Mellon University)
James López (University of Tampa)
Lisa Nalbone (University of Central Florida)
Denis Rey (University of Tampa)

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