New Book: “Les Marrons en Guyane”

Les Marrons en Guyane (2021) by Richard & Sally Price is now available. You may download the full text here. [An English-language version, Maroons in Guyane: Past, Present, Future, will be published by the University of Georgia Press later this year.]

Description: In 2003, Les Marrons became a best-seller in French Guiana, providing an introduction to the history of its four Maroon peoples (Alukus, Aukans, Pamakas, and Saamakas), explaining the ways that these groups differ from one another culturally and linguistically, and tracing the main lines of their current situations in the bustling, multicultural world of this far-flung outpost of the French Republic. It ended with a photo gallery of the magnificent arts of Maroon men and women from the four groups.

Anthropologist Peter Redfield, author of Space in the Tropics, wrote of the 2003 edition: “Resplendent, chockablock with illustrations, informational sidebars, and lively colors, this slim book is as aesthetically bright as the artwork it describes. [We can be grateful] for the cogent, up to date summation it offers, and for the impassioned and sustained sense of scholarly engagement it displays.”

The Prices have now created a new, extensively revised edition, taking account of nearly two decades of additional research and marking the profound changes that have taken place in the lives of the Maroon peoples living in Guyane. They are making this new French-language edition—with more than 100 color images—available free of charge.

To download the book, go to:

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