Bad Bunny: “I would never want to see Puerto Rico become a State”

Here are excerpts from El Nuevo Día’s summary of a recent interview of Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny with the Spanish newspaper El País [“Bad Bunny ‘Hay que romper eso de que los gringos son dioses… No, papi’” by Amanda Mars.]

In a frank and extensive interview with the Spanish newspaper El País, the urban music singer Bad Bunny spoke out clearly on various topics about which had never been heard publicly speaking.

In mid-interview, he was asked whether Puerto Rico should move towards independence or, on the contrary, become the 51st State; the Puerto Rican performer commented that he did not have a political or economic argument prepared, but he did make it clear that “he would never want to see to Puerto Rico as a State.”

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, raised in Vega Baja, actively participated in the “Summer of 19” movement that called for and eventually led to the resignation of then-Governor Ricardo Rosselló. During those days he was accompanied by other figures of music such as Residente and Ricky Martin, among others, who all took the [musical] lead.

Another very relevant issue that he touches on in the interview is the reason why, until now, he has not wanted to sing in English. He stated “You have to break that concept that gringos are gods … No, daddy.” This refers to the fact that, traditionally, it was Hispanic singers who had to crossover and sing in English, as was the case with artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, or Shakira, to give a few examples. “Maybe it was necessary and they opened doors to this Latin ‘boom,’ but that moment is over for me. I am very proud to reach the level at which we are speaking in Spanish, and not only in Spanish, but in the Spanish that we speak in Puerto Rico. Without changing the accent,” said the popular trap singer. [. . .]

Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. For full article (in Spanish), see

For the full interview (and photo above), see

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