Faire monde(s) : New Visual Arts Magazine

Faire monde(s) is a new online magazine dedicated to the visual arts. The first issue—”La notion élargie de paysage” [The broader notion of landscape] is now available. The editors explain:

Why a new web magazine?

  • To bring together authors from all continents in order to fuel an aesthetic and critical reflection, and thought stemming from the Caribbean context but broadened towards the global scene.
  • To offer a new standpoint that reconfigures and energizes the Center/Periphery relationship.
  • We want to build, through Faire monde (s), a dialogue within a constellation of Centers.
  • We seek to question the challenges of contemporary artistic practices in a format adapted to current uses, which include a particular temporality or consultation on digital media. We want to create content that is well referenced, effective, and useful. The digital format facilitates the circulation and sharing of ideas.
  • Art is universal but does not embrace universalist ideas. Each context carries along with it its richness, its aesthetics, its ways of thinking. A multiplicity of centers does not prejudice the circulation of ideas or the dialogue, on the contrary. These cultural exchanges can be called “creolization” (Edouard Glissant) or “Africanization of the planetary question” (Achille Mbembé); in any case they evoke a world in the making, a world where local identities are dynamic and performative.

This first issue deals with the broader notion of landscape. A new article is unveiled every Friday.

Do Caribbean artists have a specific relationship with the surrounding environment? How do they approach the question of the landscape in their creations? How do they renew the tradition of landscape representation? Do they develop other relationships with their natural environment, land art, or ecological activism? Does the contemporary Caribbean pictorial or photographic treatment meet the vision of contemporary Caribbean authors like Aimé Césaire, Édouard Glissant, Derek Walcott? How do visual artists from other regions of the world and from different cultures approach the landscape?

For more information and for original post (in French), see  https://fairemondes.com/aux-origines/ and https://fairemondes.com/a-propos/

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