Art Exhibition: “Landmark”

Kilometro 0.2 (Km 0.2) located at 619 Cerra Street (second floor) in Santurce, Puerto Rico, present their last exhibition of the year, “Landmark,” which opened on December 11, 2020. Today (December 12) it is open between 1:00 and 8:00pm.

In this last month of a year 2020 full of great changes and much learning, we want to celebrate 5 consecutive years of production, dialogues, friends, collaborations and affections. Thus, we are pleased to present the last exhibition of 2020, entitled LANDMARK.

We may understand the word LANDMARK as a track, a landscape, a point of reference, a sign, or simply a landmark. “To cross that territory, open a path, recognize a place, attribute aesthetic values ​​and / or understand symbolic values,” LANDMARK establishes—through the gaze of 35 artists of different generations and geographical contexts—a visual archeology. In brief, the exhibition presents an interconnected web of works that may be understood as a poetic / political portrait of the economic, political, and cultural complexities of both our personal and regional ecosystem.

On the other hand, LANDMARK traces a type of chronology that continues to add to the landscape made up of dialogues, discourses, and collaborations that share the vision and mission of extending correlations between individual identities, generating observations in relation to a global community.

Guest artists: Sebastián Vallejo
Ada Bobonis
Pablo Guardiola
Jose Morales
Jose Rosa
Jose Ruiz
Roberto Márquez
Radames Juni Figueroa
Julio Suarez
Andre Marcel Pagan
Omar Velázquez
Rogelio Baez
Alfredo Zayas
Ada del Pilar
Nora Maite Nieves
Gamaliel Rodríguez
Jose Morbán
Alexandra Santos Ocasio
Jose Castrellón
Mónica Rodríguez
Yiyo Tirado
Rene Sandin & Melisa Raymond
Cecilia Jurado Chueca
Ivan Sikic
Edra Soto
Elizam Escobar
Tony Cruz
Ivelisse Jimenez
Carola Cintrón
Camille Rouzaud
Carlos Raquel Rivera
Lopez de Victoria
Jun Martínez

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