Pascale Faublas’s Fresh Milk Residency

Fresh Milk shares the fourth and final blog post by Haitian resident artist Pascale Faublas, who is joining us as part of an artist exchange programme with Le Centre d’Art, Haiti, to create opportunities for women arts practitioners. Pascale reflects on some of the work being done by Barbadian creatives and regional arts spaces, and how they have continued to find ways of exhibiting and supporting artists during the difficult circumstances of 2020, as well as sharing her third piece created in Barbados. 

Week 4: Already my last week of artistic residency in Barbados!

The artists there are deploying ingenuity in their efforts to show their creations any way they can in these times of crisis. Thus the works of visual artist Katherine Kennedy, also a member of the Fresh Milk team, along with other local artists are being installed in the Flower Forest, a garden of tropical plants normally frequented by the many seasonal tourists, absent this year in 2020. There is also the group show ‘PAST PRESENT FUTURE’ at The Brighton Storeroom gallery located in a farmer’s market, which only operates on Saturdays or by appointment.

At the same time, several creative institutions in the region such as Fresh Milk in Barbados, Kingston Creative in Jamaica, Le Centre d’Art in Haiti among others, have created innovative programs such as weekly virtual fairs, creative residencies at home, and also creative training sessions. This is how I benefited from a 3 hour session on Social Media Management hosted by journalist and founder of Weekult Music Lab, Charlene Jamet as part of the CATAPULT programme. This is an important and very useful step at a time when the Internet is becoming an increasingly essential means of communication and promotion for creators.

This week I also had the privilege of being interviewed by Amyra Leon, a talented Afro-Latino-New York poet, singer, photographer and performer. [. . .]

For full post, see

[Shown above: Detail of Mètrès Fanm by Pascale Faublas

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