José Parlá’s “It’s Yours” Catalog

Parlá Studios is excited to announce the new publication for Jose Parla’s “It’s Yours” exhibition at The Bronx Museum of the Arts, on view until January 10, 2021. [See previous post

Description: This catalog is co-published with Damiani Editore and features a foreword by Henry Chalfant, an exhibition interview with curator Manon Slome, and an essay by Latinx scholar Naiomy Guerrero.

The new paintings evoke the artist’s connection to The Bronx and address the suffering caused by redlining policies, the waves of displacement imposed by gentrification, and systematic racismIt’s Yours encourages viewers to question ownership in New York’s rapidly changing neighborhoods. The rich building up of the surface and Parlá’s signature gestural line resemble city walls’ layers. The paintings reflect neighborhoods’ movement and textures, the marks and traces people leave behind, and the streets’ energy and challenges.

The new catalog is available now on

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