Puerto Rican rapper Residente presents his second beer, ‘Maibock’

A report from The Blend.

Puerto Rican rapper Residente has announced the launch of a special series of his new beer, “Maibock,” which follows newcomer Residente, which he started selling in Puerto Rico last June.

As indicated in a press release of this Friday, November 27, 2020, “ Maibock ”, produced entirely in Puerto Rico, is a medium-bodied lager with a clean finish on the palate with an alcohol content by volume of between 6, 5. % and 7%.

“Maibock” beer will be available in two recipes, identified by the gold or silver color of its plate. The idea of ​​René Pérez, the artist’s first name, to launch this special edition with two recipes, is to give the public the opportunity to choose their favorite and participate in the decision-making process that will be chosen as the official recipe for the launch of ‘Maibock’ in January 2021.

“We make Residente craft beers to appeal to the taste of our people. So I want to hear your opinion to help us decide which of the two Maibock recipes we should continue to bottle,” Pérez said in the statement.

Both “Residente Maibock” recipes will be available in bars and supermarkets across Puerto Rico for a limited time. This is the second beer under the Cerveza Residente brand. The first was “Residente Tripel”, a beer he released last summer.

This type of beer is distinguished by a yeast that gives it character and by its high alcohol percentage, between 7 and 8 degrees, according to the Craft Beer Generation website.

As noted in the aforementioned page, Resident has joined the company to collaborate on their own product.

The Puerto Rican artist had been working on this project since last year, when he started with the idea with the Del Oeste brewery, where the new brand of craft beers is made, made in Mayagüez, on the west coast of the island. .

Del Oeste is a company owned by Cervecera de Puerto Rico, which produces Medalla Light, the Caribbean island’s most popular brand and winner of international awards.

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