Cas di Cultura Aruba presents The Miami New Media Festival 2020 Censorship

The Miami New Media Festival is a multimedia platform held in Miami by Arts Connection Foundation, since 2006. Aruba’s national theatre will show a selection of nine video artworks by artists from different countries. This 15th edition also includes a special guest, Olga Gabrielle (Aruba) with recent artwork entitled SOTAVENTO.

You may join the presentation at Cas di Cultura Thursday, November 26 at 6:00pm. For more information please consult their Facebook page Cas di Cultura.

Under the representation for the Insular and Continental Caribbean Jimmy Yánez International Official Curator & Museographer, the following artists were selected:

• Hernando Urrutia (Portugal)
• José Cruzio & Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Portugal)
• María Beatríz Granero (Brazil)
• David Anthony Sant (Australia)
• Challet Comellas-Baker (USA)
• Rina Momose (Japan)
• Daniela Lucato (Italy)
• Andrea Leoni (Italy)

The festival promotes art through the exploration of new technologies and interactive narratives, such as video art, animation, digital art, and interactive mapping. The festival also presents exhibitions in cities in Latin America, The Caribbean, Italy, France, and Spain. Since its creation, this festival has presented more than 210 artists from 15 countries, 400+ videos, installations, 3D digital art pieces, and performances.

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