Michel Monnin Memorial

From the Monnin family:

Michel Monnin left us this Friday, November 13, 2020. He had just celebrated his 80th birthday on October 26 and was looking forward to spending time in Port-Salut. He who never sat down at a table if he was to be the thirteenth couldn’t avoid the date fate had reserved for him that Friday.We are organizing this Sunday, November 22, 2020, from 2pm, a “virtual” ceremony of remembrance where everyone can join us and celebrate the departure of this man who was a pillar for his family as well as the artistic community.We will later take him for his final rest in Port-Salut, on a hill in Viot overlooking the sea with the wind in the ti-madanm grass….A Mapou will receive some of his ashes and his favorite dog will watch over him.His horse is gone but his last mount perhaps the white horse that his mother had drawn on the family grave picked him up to join Roger and Freda Monnin, his parents, as well as Boris and Dallas, his children who preceded him too soon.
His friends Manès Descollines, Saint-Louis Blaise, Carlo Jean-Jacques, Fritz Saint-Jean, Captain Joubert, Reginald, Issa, Michelle and Raymond, Clara, Anne, Jean-Marie Drot, and André Pierre are already there waiting for him.
We are reassured, he is not alone.Sunday the artists will find easels and paint at their disposal to commemorate the occasion.
You can reach us by clicking this link:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84038975445Passcode: MMM
We ask all those who knew him to write down anecdotes and memories; unknown photos are welcomed. Please send to info@galeriemonnin.com

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