Jaime Suárez: “Caligrafías y otros gestos” [Calligraphies and other gestures]

In “Los atardeceres de barro y papel en la nueva exposición de Jaime Suárez” [Sunsets of clay and paper in new exhibition by Jaime Suárez] Ileana Delgado Castro (El Nuevo Día) explores the work of architect, ceramist, and sculptor Jaime Suárez’s most recent work, “Caligrafías y otros gestos” [Calligraphies and other gestures], where “he explores textures and colors from another perspective.” The exhibition opens on Monday, November 16, 2020, virtually, through the Petrus Gallery page, or in person by appointment.

To better appreciate the new exhibition by the renowned architect, ceramist and sculptor Jaime Suárez, “Calligraphies and other gestures”, it is also necessary to know the environment where the artist currently lives. A space that, in addition to giving him the raw material he needs for his work, has also inspired him to create 17 works created from clay and paper.

Pieces of art that were born in the last eight months, after the artist moved to a family farm by Lake Carite, and which may be enjoyed virtually through social networks and the Petrus Gallery page starting next Monday, November 16, or by prior appointments for a face-to-face visit.

“In the works there is not a single word or calligraphy in the literal sense of calligraphic art. The title of the exhibition refers to the idea of ​​composing with some elements to build a narrative,” clarifies the also cartoonist, after mentioning the titles of some of the works, such as Caligrafía del tiempo, Caligrafía telúrica, Caligrafía nocturna y Caligrafía del alba.

The artist, author of intimate small-format pieces, three-dimensional murals, as well as large sculptural pieces—such as his famous “Tótem telúrico” [Telluric Totem] located at the Plaza del Quinto Centenario in Old San Juan—reveals that one of his obsessions as an architect have always been the so-called minimal houses or “tiny-houses.” [. . .]

“The paper is what speaks in the works,” says Suárez, to explain that in each work he also applies acrylic paint, achieving something different and new “that evokes the landscape in which I live in Carite, where the sunsets are unique.”

“Colors that have inspired me to create this new collection in which I play, a little jokingly and seriously, with the question, ‘if the sky were made of clay, what would the sunsets be like?’” says the sculptor, who explains that at every sunset in Carite, there is a construction of clouds, colors and lights, which seemed to him that the sky “was creating a calligraphy, hence the title of the exhibition.” [. . .]

Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. For the original (in Spanish), see https://www.elnuevodia.com/entretenimiento/cultura/notas/los-atardeceres-de-barro-y-papel-en-la-nueva-exposicion-de-jaime-suarez/

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