Trieste’s Latin American Film Festival pays tribute to Cuban director Santiago Alvarez

With the screening of the documentary film ‘Santiago das Americas ou o olho do española mundo,’ directed by Silvio Tendler, the 35th edition of the Latin American Film Festival in Trieste recalls this Friday Cuban filmmaker Santiago Alvarez. [See more at Prensa Latina.]

‘Santiago of the Americas or they eye of the Third World’ is the title in English language of the 93-minute Brazilian documentary film screened at the 41st edition of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, within the framework of the 100th birth anniversary of the famous Cuban filmmaker, in 2019.

The documentary films ‘We were also there’ (Argentina) by Federico Strifezzo, ‘Resplendor’ (Brazil) by Claudia Nunes and Erico Rassi, ‘Bad men’ (Mexico) by Juan Antonio del Monte and Rodrigo Ruiz and ‘Present’ (Uruguay/Spain) by Abel Guillen and Javi Cerezuela, are the proposals for the Contemporary Malvinas section.

For its part, the Mexican feature film ‘Sixth Day’ directed by Juan Pablo Arroyo, will be the only movie in the Official Out-of-Competition Section on the seventh day of the event, which will conclude on Sunday, November 15, and in which four other films will be shown in the Contemporary Competition section.

The fiction film ‘We are all sailors’ (Peru/Dominican Republic) by Miguel Angel Moulet and the documentaries ‘Building the light’ (Spain) by Eliseo de Pablos, ‘The hummingbird’s intention’ (Uruguay) by Sergio de Leon and ‘Restless spirit’ by Matias Guerreros and Eliu Pena, make up that group.

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