Dancehall’s Macka Diamond Launches New Clothing Line

In “Diamond Cuts into Fashion—Dancehall Artiste Launches New Clothing Line” Krysta Anderson (The Gleaner) writes about Macka Diamond’s collaboration with Jamaican designer Rosemarie Macklin to bring a clothing line that features bright colors and patterns “to break away from the doom and gloom of the global pandemic, all the while remaining stylish and practical.”

Macka Diamond is releasing an all-new clothing line. The dancehall artiste made the announcement recently during a visit to Las Vegas, Nevada on a United States promotional tour.

The Hula Hoop and Pink Pearl singer has come full circle, fusing her signature style into the international fashion area to create the Si Mee Mackadocious Collection. “I always wanted to do a clothing line because I believe I have an eye for unique fashion. But I didn’t want to just buy things from China in bulk. That’s just not my kind of style,” she told The Gleaner.

To get this artistic vision up and strutting, Diamond joined creative forces with Jamaican designer and Las Vegas resident, Rosemarie Macklin who owns Si Mee Collection, a process she says she enjoyed. “Working with my Jamaican designer was great because she has some awesome ideas and expertise in this process, and I had fun coming up with ideas as well,” said Diamond about their collaborative effort.

The designs focus on style and comfort. Bright colours and patterns are used to break away from the doom and gloom of the global pandemic, all the while remaining stylish and practical.

“The fabric of fleece used in this line is about comfort, warmth and, most of all, durability for the winter climate, while having the warmer options for tropical climates,” the artiste shared.

The response, she says, has been phenomenal, and she intends to extend her creative drive to other collections for other seasons. “The pieces are for everyone who wants to look stylish and unique. Women and men are loving this, as it is a gender-free line. You can even make your personal alterations directly with us, so your item is even more customised.”

Diamond remains confident that her collection will do well, adding, “My wish is to make Jamaicans proud as we pride ourselves in being unique in the style and fashion industry. We would like all to enjoy wearing these garments as much as we loved making them.”

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