Marc Anthony Urges Puerto Ricans to ‘Vote Him Out’ in New Anti-Trump Ad

A report from Billboard.

Marc Anthony has an important message for his fellow Puerto Rican community in a new ad published by the political action committee The Lincoln Project on Friday (Oct. 30).

“Puerto Ricans came together to rebuild because we are strong and resilient,” he says in the ad. “Puerto Ricans deserve better than Trump because we are better than Trump, better than his contempt, better than his neglect, better than his lies.”

Referring to Hurricane Maria, which hit the island in September 2017 and left nearly 1.4 million without power and a reported death toll of 2,975, the Puerto Rican salsa singer urges everyone to join him and “vote him out.”

“On November 3rd, Puerto Ricans will send [President] Trump a clear message,” he adds. “We remember the lies. We remember the disrespect. We remember you left too many of us to die.”

The Lincoln Project elaborates in the video’s description: “A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Puerto Rico. We must never forget Donald Trump’s inactions led to the loss of over 3,000 American lives.”

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Anthony revealed that he voted early with a new photo. “I DID IT mi gente! I encourage you to go out and VOTE in this election. Remember that “when WE vote, things CHANGE,” he noted.

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