Forthcoming: Dominique Lancastre’s “A Woman in Turmoil”

In 2012, we announced Une Femme chambardé (Éditions Edilivre, 2012) a novel by Dominique Lancastre. Soon it will be available in English with the title A Woman in Turmoil. To pre-order the book and/or to support its publication, visit Mango Publishing.

Synopsis: In 1976 La Soufrière volcano erupted in Guadeloupe. This event is the backstory of A Woman in Turmoil. Helena is a rather atypical Caribbean mother. She does not talk much, and so we learn things through her different thoughts. She has an only son which is exceedingly rare for the West Indies. As a housewife, she never thought she would return to work one day. Her alcoholic husband died leaving her in great need to take care of herself and her son; she is confronted with lots of adventures sometimes tragic.

As the story develops the reader begins to realise the connection between the volcano and Helena. Keeping silent gives her the power to assess different situations. She controls her anger, frustration and pain using humour and self-criticism.

A Woman in Turmoil is not merely the story of a woman trying to fight her way through society. Helena is more than that; she embodies the reality of living in the tropics from a sociological as well as a political aspect.

The book is divided into 3 chapters: Eruption- Rebirth- Uprooting. The following extracts give an idea of the unfolding drama.

To read extracts and to pre-order your copy, see

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