5 traditional Lucian childhood games that make us miss those days

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attenition.] Here is a fun article by Sharine Joseph (Loop):

They say childhood days are the best and indeed they were.

Do you remember how fun it was to play games with friends and neighbors after school? How we used to enjoy the good ole days playing Apple and Sticks make me sick or Simon says? Unfortunately, these traditional games are now buried under the new technology of tablets and smartphones. Allow me to take you down memory lane to reminisce about the best days of your life.

Ring Games – I am sure most of you remember dancing to claps and fast-paced rhythms of games like ‘Blue Bird’, ‘Lalin la ble’ (the moon is blue), ‘An ti pye powye’ (a little white cedar tree), and ‘There’s a Brown Girl in the Ring’. Most of the games were played in a similar manner where children form a circle, one child enters and stands in the middle where he/she continuously turns around as everyone sings the words of the chosen rhyme. In the end, the child in the middle chooses a partner from the surrounding circle, and the two dance together to the rhythm of a chant or one returns to the circle while the new person continues in the ring.

Woulelaba – This is an age-old version of cricket. In the old days, since kids could not buy balls, they would use old nylon bags, roll it up and place it in fire to soften. When it starts to soften, they would roll it up into a ball. They would use that ball along with a coconut bat and two stones as a wicket to play what they call woulelaba. The most interesting thing about that game was that the commentary was in creole.

Chinese skip – Who recalls cutting up their old stockings to make Chinese skip or spending all their free time playing this game? It involves a long elastic string tied together at the ends to form one large loop. The rope is stretched by two holders standing inside the string directly opposite one another, which allows the rope to form firm parallel lines. Starting with the strings around the ankles of the holders and eventually working its way up the body. The jumper must come to the center and complete a complicated jumping pattern. Depending on the skill of the jumper, it is possible to go as high as the neck or a finger held above the head.

Hide and seek – This game used to be super fun. One person would count to twenty while everyone hides. The first person to be found would be the one to count. The game of hide and seek would go on for hours and sometimes the hiding spots would be so genius that nobody would be found.

Spinning top (topi) – A popular game among boys especially. To make a top or topi the savon net, mahogany or guava wood would be cut into a cone-like shape. Then a nail was inserted at the bottom and a string or rope was wrapped around it. The rope was used to release it to the ground. The top which stayed spinning the longest wins.

Let us know which games you played as a child in the comments below. See the original article at https://www.loopslu.com/content/5-lucian-traditional-childhood-games

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