‘Deja Tu Huella,’ the new Hot Cheetos campaign featuring Bad Bunny

A report by Maritza Zuluaga for Al Día News.

Bad Bunny does it all while eating Hot Cheetos.

Flamin’ Hot Bad Bunny is now in full effect. Social media went wild spotting the Puerto Rican megastar on the streets of California in Boyle Heights over the weekend. 

But why was he there? Well, as it turns out, San Benito is collaborating with Hot Cheetos for an upcoming commercial.

In an interview with Billboard, Bad Bunny spoke on the reaction to seeing him. 

“I wasn’t expecting that. The word got around and was like a sold-out concert,” he said. 

Some would say it was a hot moment to be in, literally. 

Bad Bunny has collaborated with many brands this year including Crocs, and reportedly Adidas. His new venture is titled ‘Deja Tu Huella,’ and is a multi-platform campaign to inspire the new generation to leave their mark — culturally, politically, creatively. Just leave it. 

Bad Bunny added that the initiative is important for the “encouragement” it provides to the Latinx community. No stranger to activism and vocalizing Latinos, he said he also feels proud of his involvement. 

“We are using our tools and the motivation to invite Latinos to leave their mark in what they love and to reach their goals whether it’s in music, sports, or the arts,” said Bad Bunny 

From shedding a light on Puerto Rico and their hardships to advocating for Trans people, respecting women, Bad Bunny defies stereotypes through his art, and he knows the impact he’s having. 

“I’m leaving my mark in many ways,” he said. 

Those marks are beyond the Billboard charts.

“For me, it’s important to leave my mark with my creations in music but also as a human being,” said Bad Bunny. “My music has traveled far around the world and 100 percent in Spanish with my Puerto Rican slang. Wherever I go, in every interview, I let everyone know that I am Latino and Puerto Rican and I think that I have left that mark well placed in the whole world.”

More than a campaign, or an inspirational commercial, Cheetos will give $500,000 back to the Hispanic community in collaboration with the singer’s Good Bunny Foundation.

Over the next five years, PepsiCo and PepsiCo Foundation also committed to helping the Latino community with $170 million to create opportunities and recognize the racial inequality that exists. 

“It’s undeniable that Hispanic culture has shaped American pop culture. And it’s that culture that has inspired much of Cheetos initiatives in food, fashion, and entertainment,” said Marissa Solis, SVP of Marketing of Frito-Lay North America, in a statement.

Stay tuned for the unveiling on Sunday, Nov. 22 during the 2020 American Music Awards. Additionally, the AMAs partnered with Cheetos to sponsor the expansion of the Latin award categories, which now include “Favorite Male Artist,” “Favorite Female Artist,” “Favorite Album,” and “Favorite Song.” 

As for Bad Bunny? He’s nominated for four awards in the show.

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