Lecture—Erasing Blackness: Race and Racism in Latinx America

The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures and the Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program at Marist College present “Erasing Blackness: Race and Racism in Latinx America,” a discussion by Zaire Z. Dinzey-Flores (Rutgers University), author of Locked In, Locked Out: Gated Communities in a Puerto Rican City. The discussants for this conversation will be Glendaly Peña and Geandry Rodríguez.

This online event will take place via Zoom on Thursday, October 22, 7:00pm. Register at https://marist-edu.zoom.us/j/82712567948?pwd=TEVDYkJWOWkyaU5UOElhdUcyTDlIZz09. 

Dr. Zaire Dinzey-Flores is an associate professor in Department of Latino and Caribbean Studies and the Department of Sociology. Her research focuses on understanding how urban space mediates community life and race, class, and social inequality. She uses an interdisciplinary lens (sociology, urban planning, public policy), mixed-method approaches, and often a comparative Caribbean-U.S. framework, to investigate the processes that cement the built environment and unequally distribute power. She is particularly interested in housing and urban residential (housing and neighborhood) design: the underlying logics and policies that drive design, how design is interpreted, used, and experienced, and the consequences for inequality among communities and residents of cities. Her book, Locked In, Locked Out: Gated Communities in a Puerto Rican City (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013), winner of the 2014 Robert E. Park Award of the Community and Urban Sociology Section (CUSS) of the American Sociological Association and an Honorable Mention of the 2014 Frank Bonilla Book Award of the Puerto Rican Studies Association, examines race and class inequality as they are recreated, contained, and negotiated through urban policy, the physical built environment, and community gates in private and public housing.

For more information, contact Dr. Patricia Ferrer-Medina at patricia.ferrer@marist.edu.

[Co-sponsored by the Center for Multicultural Affairs and the Office of Academic Affairs.]

For more information on the speaker, see https://latcar.rutgers.edu/people/core-faculty/47-zaire-dinzey-flores

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