Derek Walcott Square redevelopment moves into phase one

This is a bit sad. I liked the square, with its simple charm and friendly custodian/gardener, quite well. I liked the chickens roaming freely around.


A report from Loop.

The upgrade and enhancement of the Derek Walcott Square has moved into its first phase.

The project, which is expected to reshape downtown Castries, will be the first and largest ever redevelopment project undertaken on this historic landmark.

The initiative is being funded by the World Bank, under the OECS Regional Tourism Competitiveness Project.

The first phase is scheduled to last for six weeks and will include demolition of perimeter walls, minor landscaping and beautification works, and sidewalk improvement while maintaining the existing parking spaces.

The Derek Walcott Square upgrade will enable the facility to serve as a main recreation area, accessible to all members of the public.

Speaking about the upgrade, Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, says he welcomes the development in this part of the city as it will preserve and celebrate the work and legacy of the late Sir Derek Walcott.

“This is just the start of great things to come. I believe the project will not only revitalize downtown Castries, but also serve as a hub for city gatherings. After being a confined park for so long it is just fantastic that purpose and character are being given to the Derek Walcott Square. This park will function as a central gathering spot as well as a gateway into historic downtown,” Mayor Francis said.

The second phase of the project will see the placing of monuments at key locations for unobstructed viewing and the creation of a clear green space to facilitate performances and picnics.

In addition, it will include the relocation of the exiting fountain, allowances for seating and diverse vending, and the strategic placement of a bust of Sir Derek Walcott to greet visitors to the square.

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