Iciar Bollain recommends following Cuban producer Claudia Calviño

Here is an article by Ibermedia underlining that Spanish director Iciar Bollain recommends following the work of young Cuban producer Claudia Calviño, who has been producer or executive producer of 19 films, including Juan de los muertos, by Alejandro Brugués; and Hotel Nueva Isla, by Irene Gutiérrez and Javier Labrador; among others.

Among the great references that Cuba has contributed to Latin American and world cinema, it is time to include the name of the producer Claudia Calviño, an “authentic force of nature” and “very young for everything she has done,” as she is defined by Spanish filmmaker Iciar Bollain.

Born in Havana in 1983, Calviño appears as producer and executive producer of 19 films, according to the specialized database IMDb (Internet Movie Database). A story that begins with short films such as Los bañistas or Planeta Cerquillo, and goes on to fiction and documentary feature films that have long been awarded and celebrated around the world, such as Juan de los muertos, by Alejandro Brugués; Hotel Nueva Isla, by Irene Gutiérrez and Javier Labrador; Santa & Andrés, by Carlos Lechuga, or the very recent A media voz, by Heidi Hassan and Patricia Pérez.

They are all very different films, but as Bollain acknowledges in the new installment of the “Sigue la pista” series by Casa de América, “Claudia is very present in the films she makes,” that is, the ones she chooses to do.

Against this limited idea that some tend to have about producers—that they are in charge of looking for money to make a film—the Spanish director says rather that “a producer is defined above all by the projects he/she chooses, which means having a perspective and a lot of creativity”. [. . .]

Bollain knows what he’s talking about. He met Calviño in Havana, in 2017, for the filming of Yuli, a film that recreates the life of Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta for which Calviño made the Cuban production through her production company Producciones de la 5ta. Avenue.

“For example,” he recalls, “we were looking for locations in the middle of Hurricane Irma that hit the island. And despite the fact that Havana was left without electricity and was half flooded, Claudia took us to see locations. This is what this woman is, a true force of nature.” [. . .]

[Photo above: Claudia Calviño photographed by © Mayle González for the magazine El Estornudo.]

Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. For full article in Spanish, see https://www.programaibermedia.com/iciar-bollain-recomienda-seguirle-la-pista-a-la-productora-cubana-claudia-calvino/

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