Claude McKay in “The Books Briefing: The Writers Whom History Forgot”

[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing to our attention several articles related to our previous post Unpublished Claude McKay Novel Found.] In her article “The Books Briefing: The Writers Whom History Forgot,” Kate Cray (The Atlantic) reminds us to read Jamaican born author Claude McKay’s Amiable With Big Teeth. Cray says:

The Harlem Renaissance poet Claude McKay’s novel Amiable With Big Teeth actually did disappear—until a graduate student found the work nearly 70 years after it was written. Reading the masterful book now, one finds an expansive yet deeply grounded portrait of an understudied moment in American history: Black radical organizing in 1930s Harlem. [. . .]

“As a creative work and a historical document, Amiable With Big Teeth is nothing short of a master key into a world where the intersection of race and global revolutionary politics plays out in the lives of characters who are as dynamic and fully realized as the novel itself.”

For full article, see

The Atlantic reviewed the novel in this earlier article: “A Forgotten Novel Reveals a Forgotten Harlem
Jennifer Wilson,” March 9, 2017

The novel is available from Penguin Classics, ISBN 978-0143107316 (hc 2017), 978-0143132219 (pb 2018).

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