Rizzoli Celebrates the Life of Bob Marley in New Book

A report by Keith Estiler for Hyperbeast.

Commemorating the forefather of reggae’s 75th birthday.

To commemorate the 75th birthday of the Bob Marley this year, Rizzoli is publishing a new book chronicling the life and influence of the late reggae pioneer. Titled Bob Marley: Portrait of the Legend, the expansive tome features over 150 photographs gleaned exclusively from the Marley family’s archives. From striking visuals of his on-stage performances to glimpses into his creative process in his studio and intimate life in Jamaica, the book serves as a memorial to one of the greatest musical and socio-political icons of the twentieth century.

“I am blessed to present to you this very special collection of photographs from our archives. There is a cliché term, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” said Ziggy, son of Bob and Rita Marley. “From my experience of looking through hundreds and hundreds of photos for this book, I will say, yes, it is true.”

The book focuses on the last decade of Marley’s life when he achieved the utmost fame in his prolific career. Excerpts from previously unpublished interviews alongside prophetic quotes are also included in the book — the first book to be authorized by the Bob Marley Foundation.

View select photographs from the book above and then visit Rizzoli’s website to purchase a copy for $55 USD.

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