Reggaeton Star Maluma Links With Charly Black In Jamaica

A report by Kino Brown for Dance Hall Magazine.

Dancehall fans are now wondering if there is another collaboration in the works after Colombian reggaeton star, Maluma, was spotted hanging out with Jamaican deejay Charly Black on the island recently.

The singers previously worked together when Maluma was featured on a remix of Charly Black’s hit recording Party Animal, which further grew the global status of the Trelawny native.

Maluma announced this arrival four days ago, with a simple photo post captioned, “Yeah Man”

On Saturday, Black took to Instagram to share a couple of pictures of the pair hanging out with the caption “Welcome home my brother, @maluma 🇯🇲&🇨🇴”.   And while there is nothing definitive about a potential collaboration, it’s certain to have persons expecting something big out of this meeting.

Former footballer now turned producer Kyle Butler commented under the post “know is a hit” which could point to the fact that something could be happening between the music stars.

Maluma, on the other hand, seems to be in vacation mode and enjoying his visit to Jamaica. He has been living it up by cycling about, playing in the pool, and just having fun as he enjoys the island.

Maluma has worked with the likes of Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Shakira, and others.  If there is another collaboration between the two out of this reunion, it could be seen as a major coup for Charly as Maluma continues to be a major name in the Latin and Pop markets.

Maluma just recently released his fifth studio album, Papi Juancho, which has been doing quite well on the streaming charts. So far, the first release from the album, ‘Hawai’,  has done quite well racking up over 300 million views since it has been uploaded to Instagram.

For Charly’s part, he too has been releasing new music with tracks such as ‘Life Still a Keep’ and Diggy Dee. Coincidentally, Diggy Dee is a collaborative effort with another Latin based musician Sak Noel.

Black also appears to have a new single on the way dedicated to Jamaican MP Lisa Hanna‘s smile.

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