Free online course: “History of Slavery in the British Caribbean”

Explore the history and legacy of British colonial slavery and oppression in the Caribbean through historical slave accounts in a free online course offered by the University of Glasgow and The University of the West Indies. The course begins on October 12, 2020, lasts four weeks, and involves four hours of weekly study. See overview below and access more information at [Many thanks to Peter Jordens for bringing this item to our attention.]

Learn about Britain’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade

On this course, you’ll be introduced to the history of slavery and the lived experiences of enslaved people in the British Caribbean.

Explore the link between global racial civil unrest and colonial and post-colonial processes

Against a backdrop of global protests and civil unrest due to racial inequities in our contemporary society, this course offers the opportunity to explore how these inequalities are related to historical colonial processes.

Starting with the context of life, culture, and economy of West Africa, you’ll follow enslaved people through their forced migration to the islands of the Caribbean and the life they found there.

Discover the lives of slaves in British colonies in the Caribbean

The course will teach you how slaves lived in the Caribbean and what methods were used to control their way of life and oppress enslaved people.

As you interpret different types of historical evidence of slavery through written and visual material, you’ll learn how enslaved people resisted slavery in small, everyday ways, as well as through armed rebellion and revolution.

You’ll also examine the context and events that led to the end of slavery, as well as the labour systems devised to replace it.

Consider the ongoing legacies of British slavery

Led by leading academics from the University of Glasgow, you’ll benefit from a wide range of expertise on the history, archaeology and legacies of slavery.

By the end of the course, you’ll better understand the contemporary legacies of slavery in the modern world and be equipped with the skills to investigate slavery’s legacies in your local area. [. . .] For more information, see

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