2nd Amazonia-Caribbean International Documentary Film Festival

Outremers360 announced that the second edition of the Amazonia-Caribbean International Documentary Film Festival [2ème Festival International du Film documentaire Amazonie-Caraïbes (FIFAC)] promises to be a daring event. The film festival takes place online (via the festivalfifac.com platform) and at open-air venues from October 6 through October 10, 2020 at Saint-Laurent-du Maroni in French Guiana.

The article states that the 2020 edition is both online and face-to-face due to the health crisis, but with the stated desire to promote documentary creation from the regions of the Amazon and the Caribbean, and to discover the diversity of these populations, cultures, and territories. EB writes:

In this period of doubt and uncertainty linked to the coronavirus epidemic, the organizers of FIFAC had to show imagination and daring to allow the second edition of this great cultural event to take place. We had to reinvent ourselves and look for new perspectives because this event certainly has a cultural dimension, but also a societal and economic dimension.

Indeed, if its objective is to highlight and raise the volume on the voices of the peoples of the Amazon, the Guyanas, and the Caribbean and to make as many people as possible discover this incredible multicultural diversity represented by the peoples of these regions, it is also to develop and to strengthen the cinematographic sector in French Guiana because this sector, as well as the tangible and intangible heritage are at the same time factors of identity and social development, which also have economic advantages.

A very connected (online) edition

FIFAC therefore aims to be part of the agenda of major cultural events in French Guiana because it offers, as the president of the collectivity Rodolphe Alexandre assures, “the opportunity to forge links between population, especially young people in search of imagination, development, and openness to the world.” These are all reasons that prompted the organizers to keep this meeting, which this year will take on a hybrid form where innovation takes on a particular dimension in the current health context, by being an edition that is both online and face-to-face.

In this very particular context, this 2020 Amazonia-Caribbean International Documentary Film Festival will be held from October 6 to 10 in Saint-Laurent-du Maroni, capital of western French Guiana, “a place of confluence, exchange and sharing, much like FIFAC,” in the words of Sophie Charles, the mayor of the city.

12 films in competition

This year, FIFAC offers the best documentary films from the Amazon-Caribbean zone, assure the organizers, with 24 films screened outdoors in Saint-Laurent-du Maroni in 2 screening spaces. These same documentaries as well as a range of short films and webdocs will be posted on the dedicated festivalfifac.com platform. In addition, during the week of the festival, a selection of 12 films will be offered on the 1st channels of Guyana, Guadeloupe and Martinique, as well as on the overseas portal of the 1st of France Télévisions.

In total, 43 documentary films will be shown outdoors and on VOD, including 12 films in competition and 12 in the “Écrans Parallèles” [Parallel Screens] selection, with a focus on French Guiana, a category of short films and webdocs representing 12 countries and territories. This rich and varied selection reflects the world, made up of multiple struggles (deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, soil and ocean pollution, violence against women, racism, discrimination, etc.), but also of joys and hymns to beauty made up of métissage, travel, crossroads of cultures, freedom, and love, which testify to the state of our societies, that is to say mutable and diverse.

These documentaries will “invite us to question models in the light of the human experiences they will share with us,” as suggested by Jacques Martial, president of the jury of this FIFAC 2020. Because after the Martinican writer Patrick Chamoiseau, it is this Guadeloupean theater specialist, Jacques Martial—former director of La Villette in Paris and of the Memorial ACTe in Guadeloupe, now Deputy Councilor in charge of “overseas” in Paris—who was chosen to chair the jury composed of 6 members, including Marijosée Alie, writer, author, singer and composer; Canelle Kieffer, production director and president of the RMIA association; Stany Coppet, actor, producer and screenwriter; Jean-Luc Millian, producer; and Marcelo Novais Teles, Brazilian screenwriter, director and actor. [. . .]

Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. For full article (in French), see http://outremers360.com/culture/2eme-festival-international-du-film-documentaire-amazonie-caraibes-fifac-une-deuxieme-edition-qui-se-veut-audacieuse/

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