Art Exhibition—“Coup de foudre : 30 ans de passion”

Espace Lally is a new art gallery located at 31 rue du 4 Septembre, Beziers, France. Its inaugural exhibition, “Coup de foudre: 30 ans de passion,” featuring the founder Reynald Lally’s Haitian art collection, opened on September 18 and will be on view through November 18, 2020.

The gallery is dedicated to promoting Caribbean, Latin American, and African artists. 

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2 thoughts on “Art Exhibition—“Coup de foudre : 30 ans de passion”

  1. Thank you for this post. We feel so honored to be there!

    Coup de foudre is an exhibition revealing the passionate encounter between the Franco-English collector, Reynald Lally, founder of ESPACE LALLY and the singular art of Haiti.
    From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, why not? If all roads lead to Rome, Reynald Lally passes through Hérault and Béziers. Predestined for roads and marginal and surprising encounters.
    This exhibition offers you a sensory journey around 90 works of art by some twenty talented and avant-garde artists. Haitian Art is built in the richness of the artists that it provokes by a thirst for expression and deliverance. This art can be admired in painting, drawing, sculpture, and Voodoo. We discover anonymous or well-known “artisan artists” staged for this COUP DE FOUDRE.

    Feel free to contact us
    Laetitia VAGNER

  2. What the serious f c k. Have any of you at Reacting Islands had a conversation with Reynald Lally and his neocolonial world view and his disparaging of his Haitian employees in his shipping business – he calls them lazy and accuses them of malfeasance. Is this site now a place to bolster the flailing egos of white inferiority complexes? Has Renald Lally ever been able to explain or assess any of the art he peddles. What’s his position as a seller of the art? Please explain yourselves.

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