Caribbean Born UK Chef Gets Into The Ready Meals Business

A report from News Americas Now.

Famous Caribbean born chef, Levi Roots, is now in the ready meals business, offering UK nationals a chance to get healthy Caribbean dishes delivered right to their door.

The Jamaican-born Roots, born Keith Valentine Graham, has teamed up with UK food website to offer two low cost, health Caribbean ready meals and two recipe kits, containing everything you need to make your own Caribbean dish. The Caribbean Salmon Recipe Kit and Reggae Reggae Jerk Chicken Recipe Kit cost £5 each and the Caribana Chicken Pot and Sunshine Chicken Pot are priced at £3.99 each. The four meal bundle is only £14.99. Each meal comes in at 500 calories.

“The foundation of my brand was built on attracting and forging great partnerships in order for me to realise my Caribbean food and drink dream,” Roots commented. “I think that MuscleFood are the very best at what they do, it’s clear that authenticity and integrity are important to them. During lockdown I’ve really looked at my diet and health in general and am very conscious about keeping my new healthy lifestyle, which is exactly what MuscleFood encourages their customers to do. I’ve loved working with the team and developing these tasty dishes and can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks of them too.”

The 62-year-old reggae musician, television personality, celebrity chef and businessman currently resides in Brixton, in South London and his net worth is put at £45 million.

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