Annalee Davis’s “re: wilding”

Annalee Davis’s solo exhibition, “re: wilding,” is on view at Haarlem Artspace Gallery in Wirksworth, England, until October 12, 2020.

A specially commissioned sculpture is installed outside the gallery. Titled “(Bush) Tea Plot – A Decolonial Patch for Mill Workers,” this work responds to the first use of the gallery’s 18th-century building as an industrial cotton mill, linking shared industrial and colonial histories on both sides of the Atlantic.

Included in this living apothecary are ceramic remains initially shipped from Britain to Barbados in the late 18th, and early 19th-centuries. I find these shards while walking the fields. They recently made their way back to the UK by courier, more than two hundred years later.

re: wilding brings together four works — three of which sit inside the Haarlem Artspace Gallery, including the “Wild Plant Series,” “F is for Frances,” and “Sweeping the Fields.”

For more information, see

Also see Davis’s new artist page at

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