Bermuda’s Black Pony Gallery Features Niels Reyes

The Black Pony Gallery announced the solo exhibition featuring original oil paintings by Cuban artist Niels Reyes.

Entitled Niels Reyes: The Essence of Youth/ La esencia de la juventud, the exhibition runs September 7- 28, 2020.

PR Niels Reyes 09.2020

“Born in Santa Clara, Cuba, Reyes is a talented artist who graduated from painting at the Higher Institute of Art [ASI] in 2006. His paintings are powerful, which may be why he has had over ten solo exhibitions in Cuba, Spain, Switzerland, and Panama,” a spokesperson said.

“In group exhibitions he has been showcased in Cuba, Denmark, France, USA, Spain, Mexico, China, Finland, Canada, Panama, Austria, Germany, England. Reyes holds the Grand Prize of the first post-it contemporary art competition, 2013. He has been a resident artist in the Ministry of Culture Austria, 2012 and China, 2018.

PR Niels Reyes 09.2020

“Reyes seems to be protecting his youthful subjects by blurring their reality. Within our current context, the uncertainty of the images is powerful. What does the future hold for today’s youth?”

For more information, contact or visit the website.

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