Art from Suriname, French Guiana, and Guyana comes together in the Netherlands

See below a translation by Peter Jordens of the article “Kunst uit Suriname, Frans-Guyana en Guyana komt bij elkaar in Delft” [Art from Suriname, French Guiana, and Guyana comes together in Delft] recently published in Waterkant.

Peter Jordens writes: “The exhibition called ‘Benedictio IV: Mighty Echo of the Amazon Rainforest – Revelations of the Guianas’ (until October 31, 2020 in Delft, the Netherlands) has the Amazon rainforest as its central theme and is conceived and curated by Natasha Knoppel Art Galleries. See our previous post Art Exhibition Benedictio IV. An article in Waterkant elaborates on what visitors may expect; here are translated excerpts from the article.”

Visitors will discover the beauty and power of the gigantic rainforest through works by renowned artists from the three South American countries. Through paintings, woodcuts, installations, conceptual work, textiles, and moving images, the artists take visitors deep into the Amazon rainforest. They get to know the Indigenous people who have lived there for centuries and discover the pain of residents who had to leave the area because of the construction of a dam for a power plant. The artworks show the immense green forests and their smallest inhabitants, the insects and butterflies, but also reveal the fight against mercury poisoning and the threats to biodiversity.

[…] A virtual 3D tour gives visitors the opportunity to walk through the Amazon rainforest and visit the Indigenous people who live there. There is also a video installation that deals with the gold-mining problem in the rainforest. Lectures by renowned experts from the field reinforce the theme of the exhibition. They reflect upon the development of the visual arts in Guyana and the role that the rainforest plays as an inspiration for artists, but also discuss the traditional way of life of the Indigenous community and ways to improve living conditions in the area. Current issues such as tourism, sustainability, and innovative sustainable projects are also discussed. Guided audio tours are available for school groups in the form of podcasts that explain the artworks. […]

The 50 works on display are from 20 artists from Suriname, French Guyana and Guyana. They include Stanley Greaves, a Guyanese-born painter who belongs to the absolute top of Caribbean artists, the recently deceased George Simon (a great son of Guyana and a prominent artist and archaeologist), top artists from Suriname such as Jules Chin A Foeng and Armand Baag, and high-profile artists from French Guiana whose work is rarely on display in Europe. […]

The Amazon rainforest may be quite a distance from the Netherlands, but its importance to the human race and biodiversity is something that concerns us all.

Excerpts translated by Peter Jordens. The complete article in Dutch is available at

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