Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre unites Cuba, says president

A report from Prensa Latina.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said today that the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, the country’s patron saint, unites Cubans in national sentiment and history.
‘The Cuban Virgin and the Revolution of all flowers,’ the president wrote on his Twitter account on the occasion of the saint’s day, September 8.

‘The road will not be easy, but the triumphal flower bath of the Cuban Revolution has already taken place during a caravan that opened the way to justice and freedom for the people, among the necklaces of Santa Ana,’ the Head of State added, referring to leader Fidel Castro’s journey to Havana in January 1959, following the triumph of the Revolution.

In another tweet, Diaz-Canel recalled that Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo wore around his neck a scapular with the image of the patron saint, whose basilica is in El Cobre, near the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba.

Two hundred generals, officers and independence fighters signed a letter to the Pope asking to declare her Patron Saint of Cuba, the dignitary recalled.

In another entry, the dignitary reminded renowned anthropologist Fernando Ortiz when he wrote that ‘the Mambisa Virgin, as she is also known, has accompanied the islanders, in good and bad, from the simplest prayer, to the most elevated celebration, from the most intimate request to the most public prayer’.

Our Lady of Charity is one of the invocations of the Virgin Mary, of the Catholic religion. She is Cuba’s patron saint since 1916 by decision of Pope Benedict XV.

The Virgin of the Caridad del Cobre is venerated in the syncretic Afro-Cuban cults as Ochun, the goddess of love, family, love and money, owner of inland waters.

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